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Over the past three years, The Gateway School of Mumbai has conducted professional development workshops on a host of topics related to optimizing student engagement in the classroom, with the aim of assisting teachers and therapists from mainstream schools and special needs schools, in facilitating increased academic outcomes.

These workshops have been attended by hundreds of participants, from schools including Oberoi International, Ascend International, HillSpring International, American School of Bombay, B.D. Somani International, Aditya Birla International, Dhirubhai Ambani International, and Cathedral and John Connon, among many others.

Our workshops aim at providing participants with concrete tool-banks and strategies for classroom use, following a brief but essential exploration of profound developmental concepts. Content is relevant to whole-class and whole-school practices that will raise learning outcomes for students with all kinds of learning styles and needs.

Until recently, our workshops were being provided exclusively at the Gateway campus. We are now offering to bring some of these workshops to your school!

Systematic Professional Development Plans for Institutions

Our team at Gateway-Mumbai has been actively consolidating the tremendous amounts of learning being generated through the assimilation and application of data-driven practices introduced by our expert partners from around the world. And now, we would like to share this collected wealth of strategies, approaches, tools, and understanding with like-minded mainstream and special education needs schools.

Gateway-Mumbai is currently consulting and providing professional development to the following institutions:

Fountainhead School, Surat (Gujarat) - Improving Whole School Reading Instruction

We are supporting a mainstream school, Fountainhead, with enhancing whole class instructional practices for language arts, beginning with reading.

Support is provided in two ways, by:

  1. Building in an assessment system to use data to drive instructional decision making and school policy, and
  2. Equipping teachers with knowledge of instructional content and delivery to draw from evidence-based practices to support reading instruction in grades K through six.

Data-driven decision-making helps teachers and the school evaluate teaching practices objectively, identify what support students need, and tailor professional development to the team’s current needs. It also facilitates instructional decisions in the classroom such as grouping students with similar needs, or monitoring student progress. Teachers then draw from evidence-based practices to support reading instruction.

Through live workshops, classroom demonstrations, classroom observations, and sharing instructional practices via video, Gateway is equipping teachers with the knowledge and understanding of how reading develops, the underlying skills for reading, and resources and instructional practices to best support reading.”

Additional Resources

Recommended Reading

Below are some reading resources recommended by our team members at Gateway-Mumbai. You will find these titles on and/or quite easily.

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