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School Counselor

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School Counselor

Reports to, and receives assistance, from: Counselling Department Coordinator

At Gateway, counselors invest time in understanding the unique profiles of individual students and think critically about the design of their social-emotional programs. Open-mindedness, creativity and collaborative approaches are essential to this design process.

To assess, plan, and execute social-emotional therapy classes in 1:1, small group,or large groups, under the mentorship of the Coordinator of the Counseling Department. To work as part of a multidisciplinary team in close collaboration with leadteachers and other therapists to plan lessons and design Individualized Educational Plans (IEPs) for students.

Essential Responsibilities Include:

Design and setup of therapy space - teaching materials, furniture, and overalllearning environment.

Design and execute therapy class activities in 1:1, small group, or large groupsetting, as assigned.

Supporting homeroom teachers with design, maintenance, and presentation ofappropriate IEP goals and educational reports for each child (only with relation toconcerned therapies).

Collaborating with teachers, school wide, and assisting in lesson planning.

Designing child-specific behaviour intervention plans in collaboration withrelevant team members.

Attending parent teacher conferences for students, as requested.

Proactively communicating with parents, and responding to their queriespromptly, as per internal protocol of therapy department.

Fulfill all PD requirements, including workshops, book clubs, online courses, etc.

Attend all PLCs spaces i.e. collaborative meetings within department or school asrequired.

Planning and executing workshops (PD for school team, parent workshop,outreach, etc.).

Meeting with parents as and when needed to support with behaviours at home.

Co-planning and co-conducting Parent Support Group meetings.

Organizing and/or helping the school organize various functions.

In addition to the above, performing all those functions that might be necessary inorder to ensure that the school’s services are of the nature and quality that willhelp fulfill its founding vision.

Qualifications & prerequisites:

Master of Psychology

English language proficiency

Openness and enthusiasm to learn

Experience of working in a school setting is prefered


Minimum 2 years, full time position

School Counselor