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Transition Coordinator

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Transition Coordinator

Reports to, and receives assistance, fromFounder, Co-Principals

Works closely with: LS and MS Coordinator, IGCSE Coordinator, NIOS Coordinator HSAP Coordinator, Skills Programme Coordinator

The Transition Coordinator assists students with disabilities and their families in obtaining services necessary to transition from high school to a post-secondary setting, whether for post-secondary education, employment, or long-term support.

Essential Job Functions:

Teaches academic classes for transition groups

Supports students transitioning from Middle to High School, graduating from High School, and students transitioning to the Employment programme after High School.

Provides direct instruction to students with disabilities that is designed to meet their individual transition needs.

Develops curriculum, designs and implements lesson plans, and assesses student progress.

Disseminates information to staff, students, and parents regarding student needs, progress, and resources.

Connects with external organisations:

a. To learn about possible academic placement opportunities/ employment opportunities for students and pre-requisites for programmes

b. To educate organisations about our students, their needs and the value of inclusion.

Coordinates transition activities for college, career, and community readiness.

a. Drives students’ vision statement planning and meeting at age 13 upwards, starting from transitioning from Middle to High School.

b. Organises workshops for Middle school parents to be oriented to High School programmes.

c. Drives timelines for transitions from Middle to High school, including orientation workshops for parents, assessments for programmes, PTC meetings to confirm choice of programme.

Manages transition section of the SEP for assigned caseload; coordinates and facilitates transition meetings, writes transition SEP goals, and communicates with teachers and support staff.

Supports families and students in referral, application, eligibility process for post-secondary placements.

Identify a continuum of services to support students post their transition from Gateway (Exmisison database).

a. Coordinate for all exit formalities within Gateway in collaboration with relevant team members.

Liaises with organisations to support placement of students for internship opportunities.

Helps students develop a personal presentation outlining their journey and possible choices post the high-school programme.

Performs other related duties as assigned.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities – May be representative, but not all-inclusive, of those commonly associated with this position.

Understanding of disability profiles.

Knowledge of how disabilities impact an individual’s ability to function in the post-secondary setting.

Knowledge of state and federal laws/regulations that protect individuals with disabilities in education, employment, and community.

Knowledge of adult service providers and services available within the community.

Contract Terms:

Period: Minimum 3 years, Full time.

Salary: Negotiable based on background and experience

Transition Coordinator