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Our campus is located in Govandi – adjacent to Chembur in the geographic centre of Mumbai. Govandi is home to contemporary housing complexes, several corporate houses, and renowned educational institutions like the Tata Institute of Social Sciences.

This locality has excellent infrastructure, allowing quick and easy road commutes to and from South and North Mumbai.

We use sound insulation to mask unwanted external noise factors as well as everyday interior noise. Another critical factor is the control of the interior climate, for which, mechanical and natural ventilation systems have been integrated with a fresh air component.

Great care has been taken to make all areas accessible to those students who will require wheelchairs and other assisted access. Ramps and lifts are components for movement, in addition to stairways and corridors.

The school site measures approximately 28,000 square feet, and currently has approximately 21,000 square feet of built-up area.

The emphasis of the school’s design is on spaces that are cheerful, orderly, visually calm and hygienic – all vital environmental components in the imparting of a quality education. All rooms in the school are multipurpose with dividing/collapsible doors.

At Gateway we believe that the environment is the third teacher and it is something that we can control.Factors as intangible, yet significant, as the colour and temperature of ambient lighting, and the texture of materials underfoot, are foregrounded to craft an environment that suits various sensitivities.These factors are taken care of so that the school environment feels like an extension of their home.

The Occupational/Physical Therapy Room at The Gateway School of Mumbai, takes inspiration from some of the best therapy centres across the It is a sensory space for our students from Lower school to High school to experience learning in a different way. Students across the school receive Sensory Motor therapy in this environment, where they work on various skills and give their bodies the sensory input needed to learn optimally. Some of the design features that stand out are the

State of the art grid system across the ceiling, that allows for any type of suspended equipment to be used safely in multi directions.

The room is entirely padded across the floor and walls,with soft foam textures and therapy mats, to ensure that kids can navigate safely.

One side of the room , you will find a spread of various toys and games, packed into moderately weighing boxes, accessible to all kids, so students can choose their own toys.

Various kinds of swings like lycra swing, helicopter swing,moon swing etc have been imported, to ensure quality and durability.

Some additional designs like the ball pool, crash mats, sensory corners, choice of lighting etc,helps in providing various sensory rich calming experiences for our students