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FABLe is Gateway’s homegrown mobile-based benchmarking assessment application, developed to build foundational literacy skills. It is research based and contextualised to India. It is available at no cost for primary grades in English (Grades 1-5) and in Hindi and Marathi (Grades 1-3). Organisations across the country have registered and are using the app. Our vision is to make FABLe available to all schools and teachers in every part of the country to achieve India’s mission of achieving foundational literacy for all learners.

You can read more about FABLe here.

To learn about how the app works, you can watch this short video.

Feel free to download and browse the app. You can find it at the iOS or Play store.

Username : fabledemo
Password : mnm12345

Reach out to us at for more information.

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MLUs, otherwise known as Multidisciplinary Learning Units, is Gateway’s integrated curriculum initiative. Humanities, science and language content and skills are interwoven with the Arts, ICT, physical education and social-emotional learning, to provide students with rich knowledge and skills that are directly applicable to their lives. Teachers plan the units collaboratively, bringing in current disciplinary perspectives. Students are exposed to real-world problems, enabling them to think critically and provide solutions.

Reach out to for more information.

Teacher coaching app

Gateway has developed an app to streamline teacher observations and support learning from each other. The Sensei app allows teachers to make detailed observations of each other’s classes, rate their observations, and highlight practices that are exemplary.

To know more about Sensei and how it works, please reach out to us at