The Gateway School Of Mumbai – Keshavlal V. Bodani Education Foundation | Celebrating 10 years

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This is a header image showing the entrance to the building of Gateway School with a specially abled access ramp in place.

Welcome to Gateway

  /  Welcome to Gateway
Team Headshot Photograph - Radhika Misquitta

Radhika Misquitta

Team Headshot Photograph - Varsha Makhija

Varsha Makhija

Executive Director

Team Headshot Photograph - Manika Khanna

Manika Khanna


On behalf of our team we welcome you to the Gateway School of Mumbai!

We at Gateway recognize the need for quality special educational services and are committed to creating a future in which children with special needs can fully realize their potential and lead fulfilling, productive lives. We envision that they will not just be independent but also agents of social change who contribute to a thriving society.

In pursuit of this vision, the Keshavlal V. Bodani Education Foundation brought a team together to set up Gateway in 2010. Gateway has been designed as a learning lab – one that functions harmoniously as a school which strives for excellence in educational practice and also as a site of innovation that actively generates knowledge, research and contextually relevant best practices.

While our passionate team helps each of the children at our school forge their individual pathways to success, we understand that they may only have opportunities to fully develop their capabilities if society at large has an authentic inclusive outlook towards people with disabilities – one that regards them as capable individuals who can contribute to a vibrant society. With this in mind, Gateway hopes to create a ripple effect in the community through a dynamic R&D and Outreach program that collaboratively supports various individuals and organizations.

At the core of our school culture lies the belief that all individuals have the capacity to learn and grow. We also believe that one of the most effective ways to do this is through the power of collaboration. So, we invite you come be a part of our community of learners – whether you are a student, parent, educator, school, organization or even just a curious person who would like to learn more or support us in our effort!

A graphic showcasing the flow of how Gateway School helps students live fulfilling, productive lives and be active contributors to society.