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Teaching at Gateway

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At Gateway, we value dedicated, passionate, innovative individuals, who are willing to go the extra mile to achieve our goal of social change. As a Gateway teacher, you are expected to meet the high expectations we have set as a team, but are also encouraged to go beyond that – to seek out where you most want to grow as a teacher and pursue your individual goals; to drive innovation and research and contribute to the field at large; and to engage in community outreach opportunities so learning moves beyond Gateway.

Gateway teachers aspire to five propositions of what we value as ‘Good Teaching’

These propositions form the framework of our professional development system at Gateway.

Structure of Professional Development at Gateway

At Gateway, we understand that the best way to learn is to do, and it’s even better if the doing can be in collaboration with others. While Gateway organises several knowledge-sharing workshops, learning at Gateway rests heavily on three pillars:

Coaching and mentoring

Professional learning communities (PLCs)

Teachers’ individual professional goals (IPDiP) and initiatives

Each new teacher at Gateway is assigned a mentor. Mentors help teachers navigate spaces and help make the Gateway culture explicit. Apart from a mentor, each department has a coach who provides disciplinary support.

The Gateway School of Mumbai is recognized as one of India’s Best NGOs to Work For™