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We’re looking for dedicated, motivated individuals who want to learn and make a difference. We tailor internship programmes as per your interest, availability and the availability of our team. As part of your internship you’ll shadow the relevant teacher/ therapist/ leader. You’ll be a part of planning and execution of student programmes, get to debrief with different therapists, teachers and leaders at our school and participate in professional development opportunities organised for our team during your internship period. You will receive an experience certificate at the end of the internship.

And it doesn’t need to stop here! We’ve had many of our interns continue teaching at our school and take on more responsibilities.

Cost: Free.

To apply, email

The Gateway School of Mumbai is recognized as one of India’s Best NGOs to Work For™


Intern's Experience

Interning with the Gateway school has been a pleasure for me. Though it has been online this year, it has boosted my brain and has helped me grow as a person. This Internship has allowed me to understand the different aspects of the school program and has improved my skills and abilities in the profession of teaching. Interning with Gateway has helped me to set a direction, a route which has helped me set my future career goals and objectives. I love working with this school because of the environment and the culture which is very different from other schools. I have evolved and learned every day from every student and from every teacher who are a part of the Gateway family.

Harsha Vade

I cannot even begin to explain how impactful and memorable my time at The Gateway School of Mumbai has been. Being a newcomer in the field of Education without any conventional teaching background, Gateway has helped get me in the door to Special Education. It allowed me to work in a dynamic and autonomous environment where I was given varied exposure to teaching practices across lower, middle and high school grades with timely debriefs to internalise key learnings. My mentor, Ms. Andrea D’Costa has steered my internship to ensure a holistic learning experience for me. She has truly been a supportive mentor who takes keen interest in capacity building. I feel grateful for this opportunity to intern with Gateway, that sets very high benchmarks for excellence to make learning more engaging and relevant for children.

Reena Ravichandran