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Community (Online and Physical School)

Communities form around shared beliefs/interests/purposes and serve to bring people together

  /  Community (Online and Physical School)

The students identified various communities they belong to, reflected on the purpose of the community in their lives and their role in those communities. The students then engaged in various activities within their community of choice.

Enduring Understanding Communities form around shared beliefs/interests/purposes and serve to bring people together
Level Middle School Adaptive
Disciplines Social Science, Language


For this population in particular, learning about the communities outside of home and school was important, as these are communities in which they are likely to be members of or participate in in the near future.


Field trips to different communities:
Students visited different places in the community such as the local neighborhood and shops around the school. Students were asked to identify people and safety measures they could use while out in the community.

Role plays:
Students were given possible situations which could occur while they are in the community, such as an accident, or being approached by a stranger. Students needed to think on their feet and role play what they might do in such situations.

Project Learning Goals

  • To observe and understand the properties of solids/ liquids and gases
  • To compare the features of solids, liquids, and gases
  • To learn the processes involved in changes of state of matter
  • To understand the difference between physical and chemical changes

Scaffolding & Differentiation

  • Sentence Starters
  • Google Slide with voice notes
  • Verbal responses
  • Students allowed to respond in their mother tongue


During this online learning year, students were asked to plan and engage in a community event with friends. Students needed to

  • Identify a common interest in your community
  • Plan an interaction while following the rules and regulations of the community
  • Follow their roles and responsibilities while participating in the online event