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Homeroom Teacher- CPP (Career Path Program)

  /  Homeroom Teacher- CPP (Career Path Program)

Homeroom Teacher- CPP (Career Path Program)

Reports to, and receives assistance, from : Section Coordinator

Collaborates closely with : Other Homeroom teachers, therapists and 1:1 Support Teachers

Essential Responsibilities Include:

At Job Sites:

Collaboratively identify tasks and responsibilities for learners at the job site

Prepare employee/intern(s) with job skills and social skills

Support the employee/intern(s) with administrative requirements at the job site

Customizing and individualizing tasks and responsibilities for employee/intern(s) at the job site

Support employee/intern(s) with gaining independence at performing tasks at their job site

Support job coaches/mentors/partners at the internship site to work with neurodiverse individuals by familiarizing them with employee/intern(s) needs and support structures

Support and track employee/intern(s) path towards career development within the customized job

Assessment and Record Keeping:

Maintain documents, observations and evidence of tasks performed and learned. Submit these documents at the end of each week.

Assist in distributing surveys to employees/interns and mentors.

Analyze survey data and report back to CPP coordinator

Assist employees/interns with reflection and goal setting


Following up with on-site mentors on employee/intern(s) progress

Serve as a liaison between employees/interns, mentors, families and CPP coordinator


Support employee/intern(s) with resource ownership and skill development

Support and empower employee/intern(s) with social interactions and community involvement

In addition to the above, performing all those functions that might be necessary in order to ensure that the school’s services are of the nature and quality that will help fulfill its founding vision


Remain actively engaged, supporting employees/interns directly, and modeling appropriate work skills

Wear dress code as appropriate to work site

Display a high standard of integrity and conduct while serving as a representative and ambassador for the Gateway School of Mumbai

Communicate clearly to all stakeholders

Contract Terms:

Period: Minimum 3 years, full time position only (8am to 4pm, 5 days per week)

Salary: Negotiable based on background and experience

Homeroom Teacher- CPP (Career Path Program)