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Home and Family

  /  Home and Family
Enduring Understanding Home and Family are important in many ways
Level High School Adaptive Program
Disciplines Social Science, English Language, Social Emotional Development


In this unit, the students studied the importance of family. Students explored and learned to value the different roles and responsibilities of their family members. They understood how the home and family plays an essential role in our lives, and how the family provides a support function


Multimedia Tribute: Students made a tribute to one family member whom they appreciate.
Family Tree: Students used a mobile app to create their family trees which included their grandparents.

Project Learning Goals

  • To create a family tree
  • Explain the physical, social and emotional functions and responsibilities of family members
  • State different ways family members show love and support
  • State the importance of family as a support system

Scaffolding & Differentiation

  • One group of students only explored emotional and physical safety; they needed more repetition with this
  • Case studies were used to extend learning from own families to other families
  • 2 varieties of family trees were option – nuclear family and extended family


Students prepared a presentation or video in which they paid tribute to one of their family members


Summative Assessment


Rubric for Parents