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Music Teacher

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Music Teacher

About the school:

Founded in 2012, The Gateway School of Mumbai is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to empowering children with learning challenges. Together with our students, their families, and our community of teachers, professionals, and support staff, we work towards our common vision of empowering our students to lead fulfilling, productive lives and become active contributors to society. Gateway was started by a parent of a child with special needs. We believe this collaboration of parents and professionals is the cornerstone of our success in working with students with learning challenges. We are a lab school. Our mission is to generate and spread learning in our field. We work with individuals and organizations in different capacities to help achieve this goal.

About the position:

The Gateway School of Mumbai is a member of the International Society of Music Education, having previously showcased our music education program at the South Asian Regional Conference. Our commitment to advocating for the transformative impact of music education on children with disabilities has earned us recognition and a respected position in the field.
In our pursuit of excellence, we are seeking a dedicated professional to spearhead our music program. This role extends beyond traditional responsibilities; we are looking for someone who can champion our vision, actively engaging in advocacy for music-based interventions for children with disabilities. The ideal candidate will lead the music program with expertise and carve a professional path aligned with our mission. We encourage active participation in outreach programs to amplify the positive influence of music education in diverse ommunities. If you are passionate about making a difference through music and aspire to be a driving force in our advocacy initiatives, we invite you to join us on this inspiring journey.

Reports to: Vice Principal

Receives assistance from: Performing Arts Program Coordinator

Essential Responsibilities Include:

Program Development and Implementation:

Support the arts department in driving Gateway’s Music program.

Instruction in any phase of the school’s program for all grade levels.

Development of the music program, teaching resources, and material.

Curriculum design and implementation, including the preparation of detailed lesson plans.

Student Assessment and Support:

Assessing each student based on their strengths and needs.

Providing 1:1 individualized sessions for students in alignment with their IEP and Vision Statement.

Grading and evaluating students, and maintaining relevant records and reports.

Collaboration and Professional Development:

Collaborate with teachers teaching multidisciplinary learning units or other subjects.

Review teaching methods and programs of work periodically.

Attend teachers’ meetings and workshops for further training and professional development.

Events and Showcases:

Drive annual student showcases and assist in organizing various other events.

Communication and Collaboration:

Communicate and consult with teachers and parents of students.

Assist with the collection and maintenance of relevant teaching resources.

Discipline and Safety:

Maintain good order and discipline among students per the policies of employing authorities.

Safeguard the health and safety of students both on and off the school premises.

Resource Management:

Assist with the collection and maintenance of relevant teaching resources.

Provide lists of specific materials to be procured, along with their sources for purchase (musical instruments, music collections, books, etc.).

Store and maintain musical equipment and supplies safely.

Maintain records of borrowed instruments from the school.

Technological Integration:

Stay up to date with the latest in music technology, and music pedagogy, and incorporate its use when suitable, considering the specific needs and abilities of the students.

Additional Responsibilities:

Student Guidance and Individualized Instruction:

Understand the potential and skills of each student and provide tailored guidance based on their abilities.

Evaluate a student’s interest, aptitude, and temperament to determine a suitable instrument.

Behavioral Standards and Discipline:

Foster a safe and positive learning environment for students.

Maintain student behavioral standards to ensure a productive and disciplined environment during group rehearsals, practices, and performances.


Bachelor’s degree in Music Education or Music Therapy (required), PG/ Master’s degree preferred.

Minimum of 3 years of professional teaching experience in a school setting (preferred).


Kind, persistent, and empathetic.

Self-motivated, diligent, and a team player.

Passionate about impacting Music Education.

Experience in planning and teaching a standard Music Education Curriculum (preferred).

Proficient in music skills (vocals and at least one instrument), with the ability to model content.

Production skills preferred, including music production, choir directing, or technical support.

Contract Terms:

Period: Minimum three years, Full-time position only (8-4 pm, 5 days/week)

Remuneration: Negotiable based on qualifications, background, and experience.

Music Teacher