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The Paraprofessional will play a crucial role in supporting the learner in various environments, including the workspace, community, and during engagements. This position requires a strong commitment to providing individualized support to enhance the learner’s overall experience and development.

Reports to, and receives assistance, from: Homeroom Lead Teacher and Relevant Subject Department Coordinators

Essential Responsibilities Include:

Workspace Support:

Assist the learner in navigating the work space

Assist the learner with completing tasks within the workspace.

Break down complex tasks into manageable steps for the learner.

Provide guidance and encouragement to ensure successful completion of assigned work.

Maintain documents, observations and evidence of tasks performed and learned. Submit these documents at the end of each week.

Assist in distributing surveys to employees/interns and mentors.

Analyze survey data and report back to CPP coordinator

Assist learner with reflection and goal setting

Community Support:

Accompany the learner during community outings and activities.

Foster the learner's independence and accessibility by offering support as needed in different community settings.

Encourage social engagement and participation in community events.

Toileting Support:

Ensure the learner's comfort and dignity while addressing toileting requirements.

Provide assistance and support with toileting needs.

Establish and maintain a toileting routine that aligns with the learner's needs.

Social Interaction Support:

Assist the learner in understanding and responding appropriately to social cues.

Facilitate and support social interactions with peers, colleagues, and community members.

Foster positive relationships and communication skills.

Other responsibilities include:

Collaborating with therapists and other members of the learner’s team as required.

Participating in arrangements for further training and professional development.

Attending meetings and workshops, as required.

Communicating and consulting with parents, in consultation with the homeroom team.

Supporting the learner, using specific strategies (task analysis, behavioral, etc.) to help her process group (small or large) instruction and stay on task and achieve success

In addition to the above, performing all those functions that might be necessary in order to ensure that the school’s services are of the nature and quality that will help fulfill its founding vision

Engagement Accompaniment:

Ensure the learner's safety and well-being during various activities.

Accompany the learner during all engagements.

Provide consistent support to enhance the learner's overall engagement experience.


Ability to adapt and respond effectively to the learner's unique requirements.

Patience, empathy, and a genuine interest in supporting individual growth.

Working Conditions:

Full-time position with a standard workweek, including engagement hours until 4 pm.

Work may take place in various settings, including the workspace, community, and off-site engagements.