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Raising a child with special needs

Raising a child with special needs

Ms. Indira Bodani was interviewed by Kidsstoppress, an online parenting website, on raising a child with special needs. Watch the video to know more about Indira Bodani and what she’s learnt from her kids along the way.

Being a parent is one of the most difficult jobs on the planet. We all strive to do the best for our kids. However, there are some parents who work with a few bigger challenges than others. These parents of children with disabilities are giving parenting a whole different meaning.

Mansi Zaveri of KSP recently met Indira Bodani, Founder of the Gateway School of Mumbai. Indira Bodani’s older son Yuvraj was diagnosed with a series of disabilities. When this mother of two couldn’t find a school for her son in Mumbai, she decided to build one. Today she tells us how her son Yuvraj, the inspiration behind the Gateway school has taught the entire family to find joy in the small things rather than the big.


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