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Shalini Sawhny – Braxhoofden

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If a gypsy fortune teller, staring into her crystal ball, 30 years ago, had given me a glimpse into my life as it currently is, I would have, in disbelief, kicked the crystal ball, gypsy, and her tent into space.But in 1990, I was a coy, bookish, introverted, and demure, final year dental school student. At my core, I have always been brutally honest and I tend to tell it like it is but back then I would have been more diplomatic.Academically I was always a good student, and since

My Dutch husband and I met and fell in love in Bahrain and were married in 2001. We lived in Mumbai and then relocated to the Netherlands. In December 2008 after a few rounds of fertility treatments, we were blessed with a beautiful baby boy whom we named “Tristan”.Tristan was born into a room of Dutch doctors chanting “Aum” because I have a tiny tattoo which they spied while giving me my epidural. It was a very serene experience for me to have him come into the world with one