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On a platform in front of a small auditorium filled with about 50 people stood a tall, striking, grey-haired woman with 10 children from about the ages of 5 to 14. These children were brought to this University classroom setting at the request of this woman by various parents, clinicians, teachers. The children were of great concern because they were not learning and could become disruptive and obstreperous in their school class.

If a gypsy fortune teller, staring into her crystal ball, 30 years ago, had given me a glimpse into my life as it currently is, I would have, in disbelief, kicked the crystal ball, gypsy, and her tent into space.But in 1990, I was a coy, bookish, introverted, and demure, final year dental school student. At my core, I have always been brutally honest and I tend to tell it like it is but back then I would have been more diplomatic.Academically I was always a good student, and since

My Dutch husband and I met and fell in love in Bahrain and were married in 2001. We lived in Mumbai and then relocated to the Netherlands. In December 2008 after a few rounds of fertility treatments, we were blessed with a beautiful baby boy whom we named “Tristan”.Tristan was born into a room of Dutch doctors chanting “Aum” because I have a tiny tattoo which they spied while giving me my epidural. It was a very serene experience for me to have him come into the world with one

A young new mother is always vulnerable. Craving for her parents, wanting to be with them because they help her relax emotionally and mentally. The sense of belonging, comfort and love which can only come from your parents.“Love is the absence of judgement.”-Dalai Lama XIV.My parents came to Mumbai from a small quaint town in Rajasthan called Bhinmal. I am the youngest of 4 siblings. I have an older sister and 2 brothers. Our relationship with our parents was based on an indestructible foundation of unconditional love and respect. My